Monday, February 26, 2018


In today's era, smartphones become part of our small needs, our important data exists. In such a case, if a smartphone is lost or stolen, it is very sad for all because it is that the phone comes with a phone to the phone forever.
If the phone is suddenly lost or stolen, we do not even have the time to remove the required data, so no one should abuse it. But there are some tips that you do not have your phone with, even if you can save your data at home

But there are some conditions for this:

The phone's mobile data or Wi-Fi should be connected to any internet media
Your quest phone can only be found when it is turned on.
There should be a Google account on the phone, such as email etc.
Finding my device should be turned on in the phone
The GPS must be on the phone to allow this location to be searched

Step Learn:

First of all, the phone is lost when you go to Android / phone. Log in here with your lost phone's current email ID.
After login, your device location appears on Google Map.
With it you will also see many options: under sound play options, your phone will ring even when it's silent.
Phone, display message or phone number can be locked under lock options
Under the third option, the data can be removed from the device
In this way, if you can not retrieve the phone, at least save your personal information from being leaked.
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