Monday, February 26, 2018


Your mobile number will be closed if no support is linked to your mobile number before March 31. Some people may have linked their support number but we are going to tell you a way to find out whether a link is linked to your mobile number.

In fact, the government has asked all telecom companies of the country to validate through OTP from mobile users on January 1, 2018. A toll free number 14546 was also given to it, so that you can dial this number through your mobile number to know whether your support number has linked to mobile.

Also, let us know that your mobile number has been linked to the base. But it needs to be re-certified. You can make your verification by dialing 14546 nuber. After verifying this number you will be asked your support number. Then your mobile number will be OTP and you will have to place the OTP. Then it will be verified whether your mobile number is linked to the base or not.

Airtel has also launched online mobile support for Senior Citizens, NRI and Divisions. Now the mobile number from the Airtel website, sitting at home, can be verified from the Aadhaar number. This service is for citizens over 70 years of age. For this, the users will have to go to or at and have to follow steps. The process for senior citizens, NRIs and Divisions is the same.
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