Monday, February 26, 2018


There is now real time mini tracking device in the Indian market, when the device connects to the car, bike, phone, bag or anyone else, its position will show real time, that is, if you are connected with your bike-car then at the time of the theft You will reach somebody without help. The name of this nane device is Secumore. This device can be purchased at an online store for Rs 1575.

#internet will work without ...
The special feature of this device is that it works without internet or Wi-Fi connectivity, so there is no limit to tracking the device. This can be easily tracked anywhere in India. A Nano SIM is inserted into this device and the device can be tracked using an apple. The online price of this device is Rs 2,429, but with a discount price it can be bought at Rs 1575.

# In this device is special ...
This device works on 2G GSM / GPRS / GPS, TCP / IP network. Rechargeable battery backup in device is about 3 days. This is waterproof also got an IP65 certificate for this. The device also has a microphone, so you can listen directly to your phone on the device where the device will be located. Not only this, the device can also be controlled using the SMS.
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