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Be careful: if your problem is happening in your mobile, then these are signs of battery bursts!

In today's time you will hardly find someone who does not have a mobile. Mobile phones today have become the need of everyone. Often people in mobile phones are seen to be the most likely to have problems with the battery in the smartphone.

Generally, there will hardly be a smartphone that does not have heating in the battery. Perhaps this is the reason that the problems of phone battery bursts have increased considerably nowadays. Many people have died or many people are seriously injured due to the battery burst.

But let us tell you that there are few such people who know why the battery suddenly explodes. Today we are going to tell you some reason for this so that you can avoid such incidents.

Batteries are made of lithium ions that are hot during charging. If you are using your phone at the time of charging, it becomes even more hot, so if the phone's battery is getting too hot, then be careful then change it immediately.

If the battery of the smartphone is bloated, then its risk of burst increases further. For this reason, note that changing the bloated battery immediately, or it may also be a danger to you. If your smartphone is hot while touching, test it immediately.

Take out your battery for the test and rotate your battery, if the battery turns around completely. Spread the smartphone more strongly, this also increases the risk of battery bursts. Do not charge the phone on low voltage at any time, this also causes the battery to burst. Also the battery should not be charged in a very cool or hot place.

These are the reason for the bursting of batteries

It is often seen that the phone bursts only at the time of charging. Actually, there is a pressure on the motherboard of the phone at the time of charging, so during the charging, the phones burst much more. Also, do not use the phone of the cheap and low quality company at any time. There is a greater risk of blasting in such a phone.

It has been observed that even if calls or missed calls from international numbers increase the risk of mobile phone battery bursts. So be careful. At this time there are malware and bugs in some smartphones, which are caused due to battery burst due to falling on the motherboard while charging.
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