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Big news: the government once again raised the prices of petrol diesel prices

Gwalior At present, prices of petrol and diesel are rising fastest in the country. This is causing resentment among the people. At the same time, in Madhya Pradesh, which has the highest VAT on petrol and diesel, prices have started to set fire again. The price of petrol in Gwalior on March 28, 2018 is Rs 78.35 per liter. Diesel is selling at Rs 67.03. On the other hand, on March 26, the price of petrol has increased by 11 paisa per liter from March 2018 and diesel has increased by 11 paisa per liter, including excise duty and Madhya Pradesh tax.

The sources of the magazine have come to know that the government has earned about 25 to 30 thousand crore rupees from petrol and diesel for five years. Talking about 28 days of February and March of last month, there has been an increase in diesel prices. Although the cost of petrol and diesel has been dependent on the market since the government's removal, the way prices were increasing, there was no way other than reducing tax in front of the government and providing relief to the public. Therefore, the first government reduced tax and central government gave relief in excise in the budget.

The prices of state's relief did not affect the prices of crude. Recently, the Central Government reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel in the budget, but increased 8 percent cess. In the last few days, despite the reduction in prices of petrol and diesel, due to crude, but if two months are seen at the rate, then pump operators are talking about the increase in prices. They believe that the government should look into it.

This is the city's position
Number of petrol pumps in the city limits 65
Daily consumption of petrol is three lakh liters
Daily consumption of diesel is four lakh liters

Changing everyday
As everyone knows that now the petrol pump is giving information of new prices every morning at 6 a.m. for changes in prices. Additionally, customers should also make purchases after getting the price information on the pump display board. Let us tell you that since 16th June, the prices of petrol and diesel are changing every day according to the international market, due to which net rates are coming out daily.

Petrol-diesel rates in last 20 days
Date - petrol rate - diesel rate
28 Mar 78.35 Rs 67.03
27 Mar 78.35 Rs. 67.03
26 Mar 78.24 Rs 66.92
25 Mar 77.99 Rs 66.67
24 Mar 77.87 Rs 66.48
23 Mar 77.84 Rs 66.33
22 Mar 77.85 Rs 66.24
21 Mar 77.79 Rs 66.16
20 Mar 77.79 Rs 66.16
March 19, 77.82 Rs 66.12
18 March 77.87 Rs 66.14
17 Mar 77.98 Rs 66.21
16th March, 78.08 Rs 66.28
15 Mar 78.17 Rs 66.34
14 March 78.19 Rs 66.32
13 Mar 78.19 Rs 66.32
12 Mar 78.17 Rs 66.34
11 Mar 78.20 Rs 66.36
10th March 78.18 Rs 66.35

The state has the highest weight
Where the Central Government is engaged in the effort to provide relief to the general public by the prices of petroleum products. For the petrol diesel in Madhya Pradesh, the people of the state are paying the highest price in the country. By looking at the 20-day rate, this information has been easily understood how fast the price of petrol diesel will be seen in Gwalior. Got it

You should be surprised to know that Madhya Pradesh is the only state in the country where petrol diesel prices are more than the country. The state government is charging 22 per cent VAT on petrol and 22 per cent VAT, which came after 3 and 5 per cent reduction in October 2017. In other states, petrol diesel prices are cheaper.

Rising rates are increasing
Petrol pump operator Sunil Sahu said that the rates of petrol and diesel are constantly getting fluctuations. If you look at the past two months, then the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously increasing. Prior to this, the rates of petrol and diesel have been steadily rising throughout January and February. From which it is estimated that by August, the price of petrol will reach 100 rupees. He said that if time has not been decided by the government on petrol and diesel, the prices can be seen to a large extent
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