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By dialing this number, you can find 10 GB free data, see number here ....

Bhopal After Geo did a promising entry with his offer, Geo did not allow his cusms to go to any other network from his offers. After giving free service to the first December and again in March 2017, Geo once again gave the gift of Free Service to its users. Let's know what this new offer is.

30 lakh users will get advantage in Madhya Pradesh

Let's say that there are more than three million geo SIM users in whole of Madhya Pradesh. Assuming the sources, this new plan will provide users with 10 GB free data. Let's tell you that Reliance Jio has got the prestigious Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards of 2018. In the Mobile World Congress organized in Barcelona, ​​the company has shared the happiness of the awards, while sharing it with its customers, they have announced to give 10GB free data. You can use Jio TV app with free data. However this gift is only for prime members.

Make a missed call at this number

Geo has provided this information to customers through message and app notifications. The message says, "Geo TV has won the prestigious Global Mobile Awards 2018 for 'Best Mobile Video Content' in the Mobile World Congress. Thank you for bringing us so high to the global stage. For your enthusiasm, we have added 10GB complimentary data to your account. 'Whether you got a 10GB data gift or not, you can check it by going to MY Plans of the Reliance Geo app. Since this data add-on pack is fully automated, so some users have got their own data, but those who have not received can get a toll free number by dialing the number 1299. 10 GB data is valid for limited time.

The advantage of getting voice calling

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The Jio TV app has 583 channels, of which there are also 39 HD. Content in different Indian languages ​​is available to this customer. Mukesh Ambani's company Geo Telecom started service around a year and a half ago and has since started a price war between telecom companies. The advantage is to get customers in the form of cheap data and free voice calling.

Now you will be able to enjoy films too

Please tell that Geo has given another user another new plan. Under this new plan, users will be able to enjoy free movies of Bollywood as well as many foreign films, which will be subtitled in many languages. Explain that Geo is giving more benefits to its usurp from the beginning. The company has so far offered many offers to its users and now Geo has recently renewed its contract with film maker Company Eros International. After this contract of Geo and Eros International, users will be able to enjoy many foreign movies along with Bollywood movies free of charge.

Geo offered a plan with 1000GB data

Under this plan of Geo, you will get 1,000 GB 4G data for 365 days on the recharge of Rs 4999. The best part of this plan is that the company has not set any Daily Data Limit in it. You can use as much data as you want.

What is all in the plan

In this plan of Geo you get 1000 GB data for 365 days. With it you get unlimited voice calls, 1 year free local and STD calling facility. The rest of the facilities will be available under Geo Rs 4,999.

This plan only with Samsung phones

Let's tell you that this plan of Geo will be available only with the Samsung smartphone only. Actually, Samsung has introduced two phones from the Glaxy Series, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus recently. Live on purchasing these two phones offer you these great offers. With the purchase of these two phones of Samsung, if you choose Geo's 4,999 plan, you will get 1TB i.e. 1000 GB of data and free calling facility for one year.
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