Monday, March 12, 2018

Download any songs that are free too

Hello guys, I will tell you in this article that if you love any song, you can be a Hindi song or an English or a Punjabi song. You can listen to all the songs you download in free.

To download Songs you will need to download an app, named Solo Music. You can download it from the Playstore for free. Solo Music does not have to pay any month's charge in the application, which has to be given in ganna, wink music app. This app is totally free. You can download songs in this app anytime and listen in offline. Not only this, you get all the songs from 70,80 times to latest songs. You can download as many songs as you like in this app. This is absolutely unlimited. The lyrics of all the songs are also available in the application.

Features of Solo Music application are: -

Unlimited Song Download, HD Music (320 Kbps), Music Effect, Jesse 3D Audio, Voice Booster, Lyrics Support, Local Global Music.
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