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How to play 2 WhatsApp in a phone?

How To Use 2 WhatsApp In One Phone In Hindi

Ek Phone Me 2 Whatsapp Kaise Chalayan Hindi Me

Hi Friends is one of the selected applications for sending WhatsApp text messages, images or videos.

You can easily send messages, videos, or images to anyone who is using WhatsApp. It has become quite popular today for its easy features. However, today, almost all smartphones are already installed in WhatsApp, if not even if it's all downloaded soon.
Ek Phone Me 2 Whatsapp Kaise Chalayen Hindi Me
As of nowadays all phones are two SIMs, so we have two mobile numbers. Maybe we use a number for personal and second official, but we have the only means of using WhatsApp and the number of whites does not always lead to WhatsApp.

All of you will miss the lack of two WhatsApp conversations. So we thought why not solve this problem. For this, we come with the latest Trick that we will tell you how you can play two WhatsApp in the same mobile simultaneously (How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Android At One Time). Is not it fun?

I'm going to tell you here Step by Step: Hindi Tricks: How To Use 2 WhatsApp In One Phone

How To Use 2 WhatsApp In One Phone In Hindi

Ek android me do (multiple) whatsapp kaise Chalayan

GBWhatsApp Step 1> First download the GBWhatsApp's latest APK file by clicking here on your mobile. (Updated October 2017)
Ek Phone Me 2 Whatsapp Kaise Chalayen Hindi Me
GBWhatsApp Step 2> Now after the latest download of GBWhatsApp apk file, install it in your mobile by clicking on it. For help see the picture below. Launch it in the next step and click "Agree and Continue".

GBWhatsApp Step 3> Now type your Mobile Number Mobile Number according to the new look you want to use.

GBWhatsApp Step 3> Your number will now have a Verfication Code which will be automatically detected by the GBWhatsApp. If not identified, then an option to voice call will be given through a GBWhatsApp, click on it and Verify it by typing the 6 digit number as told by Voice Call.

GBWhatsApp Step 4> Now type your name according to the picture below and click on Next. Here you will be given the option to restore. Skip it because you are using a new one.

GBWhatsApp Step 5> Now you can add your contacts by clicking Continue and chat with your friends along with new numbers.

Now two of your homepage will look at the WhatsApp option. In this way you have successfully installed two WhatsApp in your Android (You Have Successfully Install Two WhatsApp In One Android).

Tips: Rename your both WhatsApp Icon as per your wish and use it to rotate on both of them using WhatsApp.

You will receive notification from both WhatsApp and both of you will be able to send a message.

Now enjoy two WhatsApp in your mobile and share it with your friends, give them information about this Hindi Tricks: How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Android.

Advantage Of Using 2

Ek Phone Me 2 Whatsapp Kaise Chalayen Hindi Me
Through this Hindi Tricks, there are many benefits to doing WhatsApp in a mobile, which I am telling below.

# 1 You do not have to do your mobile root.

# 2 There will be no problem with your smartphone because in it you only download an app, no settings have to be changed.

# 3 We have given the latest GBWhatsApp download link (Download Link of GBWhatsApp) so it will not be updated immediately

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