Monday, March 26, 2018

The government will give 50000 rupees as soon as the daughter is born, how to know

Friends, have you heard about Shubhalakshmi Yojana, under which the amount of Rs. 7300 was given by the government on the daughter's birth. Now the name of this scheme has been changed to Rajshree Yojana. And instead of the amount of 7300 rupees, now the daughter's mother will be given Rs 50000, so let's know what else has changed in this scheme.

Let me tell you here that the only girl born in the government hospital will get the benefit of this scheme. This amount will be available in the piece after completing the studies till the 12th. At the time when the child is born, the mother will be given financial support of Rs 2500 on behalf of the government. And Rs 2500 will be given on the first birthday of the child, but only after the child has complete immunization. Then, when the girl gets admitted in the first grade, then 4 thousand will be given by the government in the mother's account and in the same way, after reaching the sixth grade of the daughter, a sum of Rs. 5 thousand will be given and the assistance of 11 rupees will be given during admission in class 10.

And the last installment is 25 thousand, which will be found on passing the 12th class of the girl and thus the amount of 50 thousand will be paid, which will come into the account of the mother of the child.

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