Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Applying for home loans up to 10 crores, this is process

New Delhi. If you want to start a loan for starting a business then you can apply for a loan of upto Rs 10 crores at home. The Central Government Small Industries Development Bank (SIDBI) has started this facility. An online link has been started by SIDBI, in which you can apply online for loan upto Rs 10 crores. Not only this, the solution of many problems coming in taking loan is also available on this portal. Today we will tell you how you can easily apply for loan up to Rs. 10 crores.

Which scheme do you want to take a loan
Several schemes are being run by the government to promote employment. Under this scheme, people are given loan as well as subsidy. People do not know about all the schemes, but SIDBI is providing this facility that as soon as you give some information about yourself, the website will tell you which loan you can take under the scheme and how much amount of loan Can get it.

How can apply
If you want to apply for loan, you will have to click on the Siddiqui website Entrepreneur friend ( and tell the application on your application by clicking on the Apply Here. According to the requirements, you will get information about the government scheme. Also, you will be asked for information for registration. After this, you will be told about handholding support. After this you will have to fill the application. Also, you will be asked which bank you want to take a loan. After this your application will be transferred to the concerned bank. The bank will take further action.

Training before training
While you are applying for a business loan, you can take training before that. In the Entrepreneur Friend Portal you can get information about the institute from which you can take the training. Not only this, you can also take skill development training, how to make a business plan, where you can get raw materials, marketing, etc. You can get this information from here.

Subsidy scheme also address
Many government departments run subsidies for different categories and trades. You can also know about these schemes sitting at home. This facility will also be available from the Entrepreneur Friend Portal. The benefits of these schemes can be taken when you apply online.

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