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Become a partner of PettyMoney, this is the process

new Delhi. There is hardly anybody who does not know Patiala today. For many years, PettyM has now become the need of all those who use the internet as a mobile valet. Especially since then Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the closure of 500 and 1000 rupees notes in the country on November 8, 2016 and urged people to adopt cashless economy. At such a time, if you come to know that you can earn a lot by becoming a business partner of a brand such as PetiM, then you will definitely think of how you can become a business partner of PettyMi. Since this business is very easy, it is possible that you also start your business by joining the PetiMe. Today, we are going to tell you how PETIM makes you your business partner and you start from the new business to the old business. Can move forward with help.

Become an agent of Petty
Patmi has started its own payment bank and it is being made by agents of Pettyme Payment Bank to reach its customers across the country, who will be called PettyMe Payment Bank BC Agent. These agents will sell PettyMe products and in return they will be given attractive commission by Pettyma.

How can become agent
If you want to be an agent and are thinking about how much investment you have to make. So know that if you have an Android smart phone, besides the biometric device, you can become an agent by starting the work for the Pettym. You can click on this link for full details.

Do business by becoming a cellar
You can also become a salesman in Pettyma. In fact, PetiM is also made online shopping by the name of Peti M Mall. That is, you can earn a lot by becoming a salesman of PetiMe. Patiala has access to nearly eight million people. If you become a salesman for PetiMe, then there is a lot of potential for your business to run.

If you want to become a salesman for PetiMe, then Petty takes no charge from you. You just have to sign up for PetiMe's app or website and upload the catalog of your product or service and start selling.

Partners can become such
If you want to become a partner of PetiMe, you have to click on the link and register your information by giving your information.
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