Sunday, April 15, 2018

Good news: BHIM app will get 1 rupee transaction on cashback upto Rs 1000

On completion of one year of Bhim App Launching, the government has announced cashback scheme to increase the trend of people towards Bhim App. Let the government announce the cashback scheme for both the customers and the businessmen.

This cashback offer will be from 51 to 1000 rupees. Which will benefit both customers and merchants. Let me tell you that the Modi government had launched Bhima App in the last year itself ie, in 2017, on the birth anniversary of Bhai Rao Ambedkar.

What's the offer

The government is offering cashback of 51 rupees on the first transaction through Bhim App for the promotion of Bhima App. At the same time, through Bhima App, customers can get cashback upto 750 rupees in a month on the remaining transactions throughout the month. At the same time, in addition to customers, traders can get a cashback of up to Rs 1000 for a month through transaction through Bhim App.

The special feature of this offer is that customers can get cashback of Rs. 51 for the first transaction through Bhima App. Let us know that for this there is no limit on the minimum amount of transaction. Which means that customers can get a cashback of Rs 51 only by transferring only one rupee from Bhima App.

How To Download BHIM App

Any customer can download the Bhima app by visiting the App Store or App Android. Let me tell you that Bhima App size is 2MB. Let us tell you that to use Bhima App, it is necessary that your bank account is connected to your mobile number.

Let us know that Bhima App's specialty is that this app is available in English and Hindi and other Indian languages. So that people have no problem understanding and using the app
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