Monday, April 9, 2018

* Keep a watch at home before wearing this special attention, otherwise your bad days will start *

It is said that time is inevitable for every person because the past time is never returned. That which is today is not tomorrow and which is tomorrow, it can not be today. Thus, every thing in the house has its own importance, and accordingly, its influence falls on your life. The most important thing is the watch. The clock gives us a message to keep going.
The way the clock gives us the right information, it also affects the positive energy of our family members as well. The clock-to-clock clock accuracy is very important to the family. If there are some simple things related to the clock, it can change your bad times in good times. So you know today, keeping watch on what watch related to the clock can lead to progress, money, health and success in life.
1. Do not touch the clock in the south. If your house is clockwise in the south, let it be undone. Because the clock in the southern direction causes bad days for you and your family to start. If you are clockwise in the south then the health of your family also has a bad effect.
2. Do not get dirt on the clock. In many people's homes, you will see that the dust on the clock is frozen. According to the fact, if the dust on your house clock has gone down, it stops you from progressing and there is a loss in the business as well. For one thing, keep in mind that if you do not want to keep the watch clean every day, you will have trouble.
3. Keeping the watch under the pillow should not sleep and many people have a habit of sleeping down the clock. Thus, if you have this habit, then change it today because it is a bad influence on the thinking of a person by sleeping on the clock, and at the same time you become very lazy.
4. Do not touch the door
If you have a clock on any door in your house, then leave it today. It is not suitable for osmosis. Negative energy is influenced by the person who passes the clock by closing the door on the door.
5. Pre-clock clock
The best direction for the clock has been considered pre-oriented. If you have a pre-clock clock in your home, then Laxmi comes home.
6. Keep the clocks in the house
Closed clock is considered to be harmless. The clocks increase negative energy and reduce the performance of positive energy. Closure should not be kept at home. If there is a clock in your house then do not turn it on immediately, then remove it from the house. Fengshui's belief that closing clocks affect household income.
7. Pendulum clocks occur Lucky Prove
It is said for the pendulum clock that this cloth brings a new opportunity of progress by removing the adverse effects on the person's life.
Writing Coordination: Niyati Modi
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