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LPG Distributor can be such a complete detail

new Delhi. There are many people in the country who want to do their own business. LPG distributorship can prove to be a beneficial business for such people. To become a LPG distributor you can earn good money in low cost. Let us tell you what qualifications, basic features and how much costs are needed to become an LPG distributor and how oil companies select the distributor.
How many years of distributorship
- HP Gas and BharatGAS's Distribrashashish are initially 10 years old. After that it is renewed every 5 years. It depends on the performance of the distributor.
- Distribution of inden gas is initially 10 years old. After that there is a period of its distribution according to the distributorship agreement.
- The first condition to become an LPG distributor is to be an Indian citizen. A man or a woman can become a distributor.
- The applicant must have at least 10th pass. Applicants with freedom fighter category are exempted from this.
- Age of the applicant should not be less than 21 years and not more than 60 years.
- The applicant should not be a member of the oil marketing companies' implosion family.
- There is no legal litigation filed on the applicant.
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How is selection
All the three state-owned companies issue advertisements and notifications on newspapers and on their website to create Inden, Bharat gas and HP gas dealer. It contains information that distributor shipments
Where is it for Distributors fall under 4 categories- Urban, Ardshahri, Rural and Inaccessible Regional Distributors. Applications have to be registered by registering at Its
Online application forms are submitted under the application fees. The applicant can apply for one place only in one application. For more than one location, different applications have to be made and fees will also be given separately for this. After this the distributor is chosen through the lottery. After the election of the lottery, the names of those who will come in the list will be forwarded to them.
The process is called to complete. For this, they are informed via email and phone.
How much security deposit
After the selection, the applicant has to submit 10% of the security deposit with the required documents within 7 days in the concerned office. The security deposit interest is free and refundable. Total Security Deposit for urban and semi urban distributors is Rs. 5 lakhs and for rural and remote areas distributors, Rs. 4 lakhs. However, the deposit amount for reservation category is less than this limit. The complete Security Deposit Appointment Letter has to be submitted till the meeting.
What basic features will need
- Candidates elected to take LPG distributorship will have to arrange the warehouse that is to keep LPG cylinders.
- Required clearances should be obtained from other statutory bodies including Petroleum and Safety Organizations within the timelines mentioned in the Letter of Intent.
- The warehouse should be in a place where LPG cylinder trucks can travel in every season and road connectivity is available. If this is not the case, the liability of the candidate while granting LOI
They will have to take this arrangement within the stipulated period. If it does not happen, the LOI will be canceled and the deposit of 10% of the deposited security deposit will be confiscated.
- The selected urban, semi-urban and rural distributors will have to produce the LPG showroom according to standard layout.
Location is such a request
The location for LPG distribrashaship gets approved on the basis of refill cell potency. The number of potential households, per capita consumption, LPG coverage and current or proposed PNG
Connection is fixed on the basis of. Oil companies issue letter of intent to the Candidate after field verification. Candidate gets training after getting the letter of intent and he has to pass a pre-commissioning quiz or test with 80 percent marks. Who does not get so many points, he is given training again and again gets a test. Before commissioning, the Letter of Appointment is issued to the Candidate and he has to make an agreement.
Warehouse capacity
For urban and semi-urban distributors, LPG warehouse capacity should be 8000 Kg. Of LPG. For rural distributors, this minimum 5000 kg LPG has been fixed. Inaccessible Regional
For distributors this capacity is 3000 kg of LPG.
Rules of ownership

- The warehouse or showroom may be on the name of the applicant or his family members like parents, siblings, wives, children etc. On the name of family members, they have any kind of
Declaration should be done without objection.
- If the location of the warehouse or showroom offered by the applicant does not meet the terms fixed by the oil companies, then the applicant can also offer any other location.
Distributor can not take job job
Distributor must handle its agency on its own. If an applicant is in a job, he will have to leave his job before getting an appointment letter, and he can not do any other job until further distribution.

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